Professional & Quality Work

Over 32 years of work experience makes Cliff’s Auto Pro Shop one of the top auto repair shops in the East Bay Area.

We repair forign and domestic

Doesn't matter if it's from a different country. We can still repair it for you.

Got a Vanagan?

We do conversions here at the shop. We can take that old VW motor and put a nice Subaru one in there for you so you can have more fun on the trails.
Our Company


If you are looking for a great auto shop that can help you with your car. Then you will not be disapointed with Cliff’s Auto Pro Shop. Our Goal is to give you the best quality service for the most reasonable price.

We offer estimates at no cost you. Doesn’t matter what type of car you may have.

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Why Choose Us

At Cliff’s Auto Pro Shop we are reliable, and we love working on cars so we just don’t consider it work. Every car we work on here we treat it as our own. You will not be disappointed with the level of service we offer here.

Here at Cliff’s Auto Pro Shop we are the original Auto Pro Shop. We do everything with the highest quality we can offer and you will be pleased with the amount of customer service, support, and work we do. We guarantee your car will run better when you leave. There are others out there but we do what we do the best.